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We are zealous to provide a healthy environment that ignites the development and holistic growth of individuals, and the body of Christ collectively. Jesus didn’t come to be served, but to serve.  He focused on opening the eyes of the blind, mending the hearts of the broken, feeding the poor, clothing the bare, and housing the homeless.


Over the years, Shiloh has birthed ministries based on the various needs which present themselves.  Spanning from Health and Wellness to the Prayer Ministry, our ministry team fosters relevant and relatable ministries that inspire others. Our ministerial leaders are professionally trained and have years of experience.  Our goal is to achieve three purposes: the perfecting of the saints, to engage in “the work of the ministry” and the edifying of the Body of Christ (Ephesians 4).


You are welcome at Shiloh.  We care about reaching souls, retaining individuals and we value the gifts of God we see in others.  

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