We See Tomorrow in the Eyes of Our Children


Shiloh’s Victory Groups are two-fold and are conducted by our Children’s Ministry. The group's main goal is to grow as christian children and touch the lives of others. Our Children’s Ministry meets every other Saturday and caters to ages 7-17.  There are two groups: the Junior Victory Group, ages 7-11, and the Senior Victory Group, ages 12-17. 


The groups participate in various programs that include dancing, singing, and special projects. Shiloh values the creativity and wisdom present in the minds of our children. We believe that children should be biblically educated at a young age. At Shiloh, we endeavour to provide a healthy learning environment that will affect the mind processes, behaviour and thinking of our children beyond the confines of our physical building.


Our Children’s Ministry offers holistic development and assists with:


  • Growing in the knowledge of God by participating in prayer and reading the Bible.

  • Exercising proper etiquette.

  • Developing healthy relationships with peers and elders.

  • Embracing one’s uniqueness and talents.

  • Allowing children to have fun while learning and being safe.


The children also participate in Christmas and Easter Programs, along with special events throughout the year.


Shiloh Assembly Apostolic Church has been established in the City of Regina since 1976.  The purpose for the church’s presence is to be God’s representatives in presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the City so that the will of God can be fulfilled —our salvation and joy-filled lives.


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