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Do you have questions about the Bible or about understanding the different events that are taking place in our world?  Are you interested in learning more about God, your purpose in life, or about the plan of Salvation?



Think about studying with us!

We are living in the period of history that the Bible describes as the “end of time”.  This is believed because so much of what the Bible teaches about the end is perfectly unfolding in the events of everyday politics and through other matters that involve international relations.  Circumstances that include wars, ethnic strife, unprecedented weather patterns and incurable diseases are all causing people’s hearts to fear.      


Let’s Study Together.

Our team would be happy to offer you and your family a personal study of the Bible in the comfort of your home.  Our study is simple.  We will explain what the Bible has to say about our lives and our relationship with God. 


We can do this study anywhere.


If you would feel more comfortable doing this study at a coffee shop or a library, we will meet you there.

Thanks! Message sent.

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