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In a world where there is plenty to learn, Shiloh believes knowledge is power. Our aim is to maintain an atmosphere that allows all to feel comfortable while learning, sharing and asking questions without fear of judgment. Our Christian Education Development classes are designed to strengthen your faith, give you the confidence to share your beliefs, and to grow in all areas of life.


Our curriculum will enlighten the minds of individuals at any stage of life. At Shiloh, Christian Education Development takes place every Sunday morning, and also throughout the week, often in a Bible Study.


We meet every Sunday morning at 11:45 a.m. with classes for ages 3-13 years old.


We explore:


  • The Bible and its relevance to wholesome living;

  • Christian and Personal Conduct;

  • Family Development;

  • Human relations;

  • World issues, money and much more.


We are eager to share the knowledge of God that has transformed the lives of many, and we await what we will learn from you.

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